Peppermint essential oil 30ml

Peppermint essential oil 30ml


The essential oil of Peppermint (Mentha Piperata) is digestive, bactericidal, tonic and aphrodisiac. It is part of many aromatic “grogs”. Digestive drink (advantageously replacing coffee): five to six drops of peppermint in a spoon of honey, add hot water.

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Peppermint essential oil 30ml

Mentha Piperata (Peppermint)

There are many varieties of mint, mainly grown in France, England, Italy and the United States. Green sweet mint (spearment) has the taste and smell of American chewing gum, it is appreciated for fresh drinks; the peppermint is more full-bodied… The essential oil of mint is obtained by distillation of the whole plant.

Tonic, digestive, refreshing.

General fatigue, impotence, bad digestion, bad breath.

Internal use, aromatic grog and diffusion.

Warning: Never rub, never bath with undiluted mint essential oil: it would turn you into a real iceberg!

Digestive and aphrodisiac grog: spearmint, cinnamon and mandarin.

To wean cocaine addicts, add ten drops to each glass of alcohol usually absorbed.