biossentiel, a nelly grosjean signature, is the latest generation of 100% organic certified products; products which aim to improve the quality of your life!


For 40 years, nelly grosjean has been THE creator, THE specialist in 100% certified organic products… her work on aromatherapy, her extensive research, her product lines, her lectures and seminars have earned her international recognition as a true Woman Of Passion, ‘Madame EcoChic’ – dr. nelly, a worldwide specialist in aromatherapy …naturally. She is the author of the “10 golden rules of well-being”, health advice that complements the superb range of products by “biossentiel, a nelly grosjean signature”.

5 good reasons to choose biossentiel

  1.  certified organic: With only 100% organic certified products by ecocert and 100% natural, “made in provence-france”.
  2. an ecological ethic: our philosophy for 40 years. We have participated in “eco-friendly”, “save the planet” actions since 1992, reforestation in asia, amazon, bali…
  3. 40 years of experience: we are not a new business in natural and organic ecology: we already have great experience. nelly grosjean works and lives passionately for the organic and the natural!
  4. success: called a “Woman of Passion” for years by the international media, nelly grosjean is also the founder of successful brands in asia, japan and europe, including the museum of aromas and perfume for 40 years and an exceptional spa, the moulin de vies in lamboing, switzerland.
  5. extreme quality, “open” manufacturing processes: We are pleased to welcome you throughout the year to show you the whole of our agro-tourism-aromatic-bio concept:
  • the museum of aromas and perfume at graveson en provence
  • Our organic crops and the distillery at Mont Ventoux
  • The experimental Garden of aromatic plants in organic culture, the ‘carré des simples’
  • Aromacocoon, a place of  relaxation in the Japanese style (all fengshui and eco-chic)
  • The organic fruit bar in the courtyard of the stills and the Bamboo Hut
  • unusual rooms and spaces for your meetings and seminars in an enchanting setting

the 5 “E”s

Excellence: 40 years of experience

Ecology: protecting the environment

Extreme Quality: 100% Organic Certified Products

Economy: a highly efficient concentrate

Exemplary action: demonstrating the efficacy of essential oils

where can you find our products in europe?

museum of aromas and perfume

In Graveson-en-Provence you can visit the museum which has one of the most beautiful collections of European stills and perfume vials. You can stroll in the “carré des simples” which is the aromatic garden and lovely in the summertime.  You will discover the secrets of the extraction and distillation of aromatic plants and fragile flowers…

“moulin de vies” (mill of lives)

In Lamboing, Switzerland, on the Plateau of Diesse, in the natural park of the Chasseral, you will find the “moulin de vies”, an eco-bio place of strong energy.  The “moulin de vies” is a remarkably renovated property which welcomes you in the beautiful Bernese Jura, with a magnificent view of the alps …a place of serenity and revitalization.


in France for orders over 60€