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works on aromatherapy and holistic health by nelly grosjean

food “winning, living and raw”
5 ml editions, 2016 – nelly grosjean and miguel barthéléry.
tips, recipes and methods for fast and efficient detox-centered “winning”, raw food. far from being a restriction, the “winning”, living and raw food is a “super-plus” for the sick who want to heal themselves, the healthy who want to stay that way, and people who aspire to the overall life in abundance of the benefits of nature and the universe.

Volume 1 – The Zen Cure Detox Aromatic
recipes, cleaning and cell regeneration are so simply explained that finding the way to a full and happy health is now a breeze. 207 pages.

Volume 2 – Quick and easy recipes
all the secrets of over a hundred simple and fast and delicious recipes – saving juices, amazing salads, discover appetisers, snacks and aromatic desserts, revitalising beverages – which work together to recover energy and vitality. 143 pages.


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