for the face

A simple and efficient beauty and regeneration protocol, the essential oil of rose and it’s “rejuvenating” properties give joy to your skin… clean with the serum eve and the lotion nour dan… regenerate with the booster elleonore, then choose the serum soyance (all skin and sensitive) or serum five (special anti-ageing) and serum after hours to smooth the contour of the eyes.

for men

le sérum enzo adoucit le feu du rasoir, lisse et tonifie, atténue rides, ridules et tâches solaires, après rasage frais à effet lifting.

for the hair

A beauty protocol for hair: strengthen the scalp and activate the regrowth with the big sur rub (cure from 3 to 9 weeks), make the hair shine with the cap code serum. fortified, supple and full of tone for a energised regrowth!

for massage – AMO

High quality base oils associated with 5% of essential oils in synergy for a specific massage.


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